Delivery service partner!,

Wearable POS

Now, POS is also fashion
Your hand is now free from heavy POS machines~

Close-card Payment Solution

FIT’s Pay

A mobile card system that anyone can own without any cardholder qualifications or ID requirements
Contributing to local development by reducing overseas royalties.

for better productivity

FIT’s Station

Improve sales as a gas station by identifying risk factors in the operations, solve problems, and provide quality service to customers.
Reduce waiting time for service and sales goes UP! UP!

Beef/Pork: Direct Dealing with Farms

Butcher’s Farm

Farm with online order and direct delivery from the farm!
Streamlined the distribution process to increase freshness.


“FIT’s pay is your hometown.”

Royalty paid overseas!
Don’t pay overseas, but why don’t you give pocket money to your parents at home instead?
Your small action brings vitality to the aging home for regional development.

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